COVID-19 Closure

Last updated: 29-Mar-2020

We anticipate remaining closed for the month of April.

We continue to monitor the situation, and will assess our re-opening date as developments allow. Stay tuned.

In these unprecendented times we hold fast in solidarity with Canada and the world as the COVID-19 global pandemic affects us all. While these community-wide closures present many challenges, we endorse these measures and we know that our sacrifices today will support the best possible outcome. These unfamiliar times call for a new understanding of personal practice, and for radical responsibility. Be safe, be kind, and be physically distant for now. Flatten the curve.

Operations suspended.

While we are closed all Autopay memberships are suspended. This means no credit card or bank payments will be processed. All other requests will be addressed when we reopen. Thank you for your understanding, and for your continued support.

❤️ We love you. ❤️