Depth in Basics

Depth in Basics

Exploring the Intricacies of Your Practice

Join Sarah Meyer for a 4-part yoga experience designed to help you grow your practice through a focused study into the fundamentals of different posture categories. Asana practice is not only about doing fancier poses, but is instead about creating a pathway of awareness from your outer form towards deeper levels of inner experience. Whether you are a new or experienced practitioner, this series will give you some tangible ways and modifications to work with your body to create and experience your ultimate alignment and bring a new understanding to your practice.

Investment: offered in two options, as a series bundle, or a drop-in rate per class. Not included in regular memberships, but Annual and Autopay member discounts apply. ♥

$20 per session or $60 for all 4 (buy three, get one FREE!)

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Deepen your knowledge of the fundamentals of each posture category in four Saturday sessions over two months. Sessions are scheduled three weeks apart, to allow ample opportunity to apply what you have learned substantially before the next scheduled date. You will become stronger, more confident, and more able to implement each session by practically building on the series as it unfolds!

~~~~~ SESSION ONE ~~~~~

April 14 – Standing & Supine

Explore standing, balancing & supine postures. We will work from the base up to create a solid foundation for these powerhouse postures; as well as look at how the shapes work together in different planes of orientation to provide a greater understanding of our own bodies.

~~~~~ SESSION TWO ~~~~~

May 5 – Forward Folds & Twists

Explore forward folding and twisting postures. We will work towards finding effective & efficient ways to enter into these asanas. Focus will be on how to effectively lengthen your back body in a forward fold, where to place your strength to increase your stretch, & cultivating an understanding how your core strength relates strongly to both forward folds & twists.

~~~~~ SESSION THREE ~~~~~

May 26 – Backward Bending

Starting small and working bigger, we will explore some of the nuances within a range of backward bending postures. Time will be spent finding harmony between stretch and strength to create uniformity in your backward bends.

~~~~~ SESSION FOUR ~~~~~

June 16 – Arm Balances

We will work with a variety of arm balances to explore different approaches and stages of entering into these postures. We will also work with some drills to build strength and confidence as you head towards these fun & playful postures.

♥ Found City Yoga is very pleased to host this special series in collaboration with Sarah Meyer Yoga as part of our comprehensive preparatory programming for the Canadian Yoga Championships! As the host studio for the Canadian Nationals this September 2018, we are committed to providing ongoing opportunities to deepen and strengthen your understanding and practice of yoga. For more information, and if you are interested in training for championships, please reach out to the studio! We would love to hear from you. ♥

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