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We are committed to providing you the highest quality of safe, effective, and beneficial yoga therapy available.

Found City Yoga offers the ORIGINAL, Ghosh-lineage, Bikram method 90-minute hot yoga class seven days a week, always led by a Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor.

We also offer classes in yoga styles that complement a regular Bikram Yoga practice. Check out our full class schedule here.

We are local.

Found City Yoga is a one-hundred percent locally owned and operated small business. We pay no fees or dues to any third party organization at any time. All our revenue remains within and benefits the local economy.

We are located near the University of Victoria, Camosun College, Victoria International High School, St. Michaels University, and many other campuses. We cater to our diverse local communities, and always consider our campus neighbours in our membership options and class schedule.

We welcome beginners!

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Bikram Yoga

Studio Member - OHYA - Original Hot Yoga Association®

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The Bikram Yoga method is a standardized hatha yoga class comprising a series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, performed in a room heated to approximately 40°C with approximately 40% humidity, for 90 minutes.

Instructors use specific standardized verbal cues to guide practitioners through the sequence. Verbal instruction, rather than hands-on adjustment, is part of the method. Verbal instruction supports practitioners to move actively rather than passively. Practicing actively, with conscious intentional effort, improves mental and physical awareness, and deepens self-realization over time.

Welcome, all beginners!

The class is accessible and safe for absolute beginners, with no yoga experience, without restriction on age, fitness, or ability. It is also suitable for all levels of practice. Simply put, the posture sequence is designed to move the body systematically through its full range of motion. Doing so therapeutically reveals dysfunction, addresses limitation, introduces challenge, develops self-awareness, and promotes overall conditioning. Class is as challenging as each practitioner makes it, at all levels. Everybody works together.

Try the right way, do your best, and take care of yourself.

The method emphasises approaching each posture with a conscious effort to do your best, step by step, the right way. Contrary to popular belief, doing “your best” doesn’t always mean working as hard as you can. For some, doing your best means trying harder, getting up and trying again, not giving up. For others, it means slowing down, relaxing, taking it easy, learning to breathe. Over time, practitioners come to understand class as a moving meditation, with breathing and concentration to support sustainable physical effort.

What have you got to lose?

Our studio

Have fun, be inspired, and relax.

Our beautiful studio is designed to support you in a regular yoga practice. Full facilities include changerooms, showers, and a community lobby area for rest and conversation before and after class.

The yoga room uses a site-specific forced air hot water heating system, filtered water, and antimicrobial non-toxic recycled rubber flooring.

NEW POLICY: We have reduced our maximum class capacity from 56 to 40 students, in order to promote a consistent and comfortable class experience with sufficient personal space for each individual.


Let us take care of the laundry.

Mat and towel services are available on a per class, monthly, or annual basis.

We do not sell bottled water, but we provide filtered water from our water fountain.


Explore our boutique. Find everything you need for a dedicated yoga practice.

Mats and towels are available for purchase in our boutique.

We also carry yoga clothing for women and men, Namaka Flask water bottles, Salt of Life products, and CoCos Pure coconut water for electrolyte support.

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